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Fitness and steroids — women point of view

Fitness and steroids for ladies

Each time, standing in front of a mirror, we see what defects of the body we would like to correct. But often there is simply no time and energy to go to the gym. Nevertheless, I want to look slim both men and women to admire.

For this, there is such a direction in fitness as bodybuilding. Translated from Greek, the construction of the body. Scientists have proven the magical power of exercises that help a person to correct the consequences of a poor lifestyle.

how females use steroids to get fit

In appearance, it seems that such a physique can be achieved not only with the help of hard muscle pumping, but also with some dietary supplements in the form of steroids that promote muscle growth.

However, one should not forget that even 10 minutes of gymnastics in the morning have a life-giving effect on the body and bring the body into tone, giving it the long-awaited shape. Also, in tandem with morning exercises, the diet and the relevant rules work well, as well as restrictions and prohibitions.

Some bodybuilders who want to speed up the process of muscle building use steroids, which have two sides of the coin. Let’s talk first about the positive effect of such anabolic steroids.

They should be taken strictly after 21 years, because before this age the body is not yet so strong and is not able to take such doses of drugs. Early intake of such drugs can slow growth and make the body disproportionate.

Although, even a 25-year-old novice who does not know the rules for taking supplements and dieting can harm his body and then all the time he will have to follow the instructions of doctors to bring himself to normal form. one of the most popular steroids is Trenbolone

Undoubtedly, beginners who start taking steroids need to study in detail all sides and details on the use of these drugs, in which form it is better to take it for you, since there are pills and injections. In this process, constancy and a clear schedule of admission is important. An athlete who wants to mold a large relief building from his body already knows that he will use such drugs. Before starting to use steroids, it is necessary to take a general blood test to find out the state of health and the relevance of using anabolic steroids because steroids for beginners, in general, are pointless. A young body in sufficient quantities produces its testosterone, so there is no need for an additional substance.

What are steroids and why are they so attractive? In the body of a man, there is the main sex hormone testosterone — it is secreted by cholesterol from the testes and adrenal glands in both women and men, and affects sexual behavior. Sexual attraction will be huge, libido is always at a high level.

Steroids are synthetic testosterone and are purchased by bodybuilders to sculpt their body into a massive block.

Now you can consider the negative side of this process, that is, side effects of steroids. Scientists have proved a psychological dependence on muscularization, moreover, in both sexes. Because of this dependence, a person is constantly in nervousness and anxiety for his precious biceps, triceps and other inflated parts of the body, becoming so dependent on these thoughts that he can literally live in the gym.

Women who constantly take such steroids, and we remember that this is a synthetic male hormone, gradually turn into a man, the voice changes and coarsens. So it turns out that after an uncontrolled intake of steroids it is impossible to find out gender.

The variety of side effects can also include:

  • constant red rashes on the skin, protruding veins; — increased hairiness due to accelerated hair growth;

  • loss and deterioration of the hair structure on the head;

  • violation of the gastrointestinal system, steroids irritate the intestines and lead to constipation, a constant accumulation of gases pushes the stomach forward;

  • aggressiveness and psychosomatics; — the smell of sweat becomes more pronounced;

  • cartilage grows;

  • an increase in the clitoris in women, and in an excited state it resembles a male member, frequent vaginal discharge.

It is possible to reduce the harm from the use of steroids by injections of various drugs, you also need to pay attention to the original steroid drugs and in no case use fakes, such as underground steroids, they contain toxic heavy metals. Produced at a pharmacological factory, this is a guarantee of the purity of the preparations.

Fitness and bodybuilding are unique ways to improve your health and make your body pumped up and beautiful, you just need to remember that everything is good in moderation. Cross the line very quickly, but then fix the resulting ugliness will not be easy and sometimes irreversible.

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